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My name is Lis and I have been doing tattoos and piercings in Malmo since 2005. During this time I have been working with most tattoo styles and genres, such as Color, Black 'n Grey, Realism, New School, Old School, Tribals , etc. I also cover old tattoos, as you can see in the gallery Cover Up/Touch up.

Get an overview of my diversity in the tattoo category Mixed for example or look at my artistic tendency in Artwork.

If you want a specific design, but only have a vague concept in mind, I can of course guide you and draw something unique based on your personal preferences. I would be happy to do a quick sketch on request, but it usually takes a visit from you and a consultation where we go through ideas, size and placement. A diffuse visualization can be so much more when it is executed on your skin. The skin both limits and enables. A picture of reference can be reshaped in a new interpretation and a thought can be given an amazing realization by the right artist. I have, after much experience, developed a certain perception of what would work both practically and aesthetically.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Different ways of expressions and art have always been passions of mine, so taking the step from being an artist with paper to becoming a tattoo artist and a piercer, felt very natural to me. No tattoo style is alien to me and I am more than happy to custom design something personal for your wishes. I do just as many tattoos for women as I do tattoos for men. Beautiful tattoos, cool tattoos or funny tattoos. Most importantly, I do bodyart which feels good and creative for us both.

Getting tattooed is a very personal ritual and it is important that you as a client feel safe and listened to by your tattoo artist. Feel free to drop by the shop in Malmo, or call/email me to discuss ideas for your next tattoo or piercing.

Contact me here for a consultation or a booking. If you want to know more about tattoos in general, you might find that info here. Curious about piercings? You might find some answers here.

Why do people get tattooed?

There is a lot of different reasons on why you would like to get tattooed – almost as many as there are people getting them. Some people come to me for the first time purely out of curiosity. Some have planned it all for a long time in advance. Someone has been influenced by a celebrity or a friend. Some are old experienced veterans who want to keep adding to their old creations, cover old sins, adjust the old tattoo to new times in details or definition. There is also always someone who wants to make a tribute to loved and lost ones. To get a tattoo could also be motivated by showing which “tribe” you belong to. With this I refer to for instance fans of a band, followers of an ideology or friends. Sometimes the carrier of the tattoo just wants to show which family he or she belongs to. Then, of course, there is always those who only want to experience that rush of endorphines and adrenaline again. You have probably heard of the addictive nature both tattoos and piercings can have. Body art rarely come in a singular shape.

A tattoo is above all something very intimate and personal. It can be based on a spontaneous whim of the moment, but also on something psychologically fundamental in the individual. Tattoos communicate with their surroundings. They strengthen our identity and send a message about the carrier. They can create feelings of belonging, be thought provoking and also just simply provocative. Some of their powers lie within the permanent commitment. It is a strong statement. To get a tattoo is to communicate via your skin. An artistic expression of who you are.

Few people regret their tattoos. Even if the artwork goes out of fashion, get old and worn out, it still testifies about the history of its owner. Who this once was or still is. It tells a story about a narrative, similar to a diary that documents the history of its owner. We put markings on our skin to eternalize beginnings or ends, to show the phases of our lives. Then and now. Even if a tattoo no longer feels up to date, it will always be a part of the carrier. It is memories and experiences in a picture.

There is always some advice I would like to give to the ones considering getting a tattoo though. Things that could minimize the risk of regret.

Common tips before getting tattooed

Have a tattoo done for the right reasons. Don’t have a group or buddy tattoo done just because everyone else around you are having it done. It is important that it feels good for YOU. Trust your gut instinct. You are the one who will live with it. A tattoo is more or less forever. Not all acquaintances are. You are the one who will carry it and you should feel good about always having it. A friend can always join you for advice, but in the end it is your own thoughts that count.

Don’t follow trends blindly. A tattoo is permanent. A trend is not.

Don’t have it done too small. This is a common mistake among first timers and young people. It could be because of being overly careful and scared of pain or due to being a bit economically restricted. Regardless, some people want the tattoo minimal and discreet, which in time could easily end up being just an unidentified blurry blob. Small tattoos in combination with lots of details and poor placement normally age extremely bad. Most of the times the customers later want to cover the whole old thing with a new, bigger and darker tattoo. Or even laser treatment.

If you are uncertain about size, placement and so on, I will help you adjust the design to the best possible tattoo. You can always consult with me and I can tweak the details and size for your motif.

Be careful with putting the name of your love on your body. I wouldn’t say that this is wrong since you know best when it comes to your feelings. But of course it could feel more safe to have it done when being in a stable, long term relationship or when it comes to the love within families, such as for your children or parents.

Each thing has its favorite spot. Even tattoos. A picture with exact and important proportions would fit better on a bigger, flatter surface such as back, upper arm or thigh. Detailed motifs will benefit from placements with less wear and tear such as bending, rubbing, stretching, sun and wind. Placements that are more prone to wearing and tearing normally have a certain skin to show for it. Just look at for instance your elbows, knee caps, palms, knuckles, underneath your feet, fingers and inside of your mouth and so on. When it comes to these last mentioned, problematic areas, you can of course easily still get tattooed there, but do account for at least one refill to get a satisfying result.

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