Welcome to Liz Tattoo & Piercing!

Welcome to Liz Tattoo & Piercing!

Closed 19/10 - 22/10

Let me introduce myself as a tattoo artist and piercer:

My name is Lis and I´ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Different ways of expressions and art have always been passions of mine, so taking the step from being an artist with paper to becoming a tattooist, felt very natural to me. No tattoo style is alien to me and I am more than happy to custom design something personal for your wishes. I do realism, black ´n grey, texts, asian style, tribals, color, blackwork, old school and new school, just to mention a few.

The shop is situated in Malmo, close to Amiralen. Sometimes it works just fine to call to ask something or book an appointment, but feel free to drop by to discuss a tattoo/piercing idea or feel the vibes. Please note that all the tattoos and piercings should be booked in advance to guarantee an appointment.

Seeya at Liz Tattoo & piercing in Malmo!