Aftercare for


1. When the tattoo is finished, it is covered with plastic wrap. After a few hours you can remove it, but I will recommend you to keep it on during the first night. Be careful – remember that a tattoo is like a fresh open rubbing wound that now shall be healing at its own pace. It must above all be clean.

2. Wash it gently with soap and water. Apply ointment/cream such as Helosan (Savlon), Bepanthen or Pegasus tattoo creme (I sell this in the shop). These are all antiseptic, moisturizing and soothing. There is probably many more on the market, but these I know work.

3. Wash the tattoo itself gently once or twice a day, but wash your hands every time you are about to touch it to apply cream. Apply cream maybe 3-6 times a day, every time it seems to get dry.

4. Do NOT remove any scabs whatsoever, let them come off at their own pace. Avoid to irritate the area by rubbing or scratching and keep it clean and moist.

It takes around approximately 7-10 days for a tattoo to heal. Do not take baths of any kind during this period. Of course you can take showers as usual.

Fresh ink shouldn't be exposed to sun the first months. If you have it initially healed, you can apply sunscreen or just cover it up whilst being in the sun.


Daily routines:
Do not touch the piercing if you don't have to. Let the body get used to the new material and avoid any rubbing or unnecessary movement.

A piercing should be clean, but DO NOT overdo it. Twice or three times a day is sufficient to remove scabs and inhibit bacteria growth in the area of the piercing. The most common mistake of getting an infection is by touching it with unwashed hands. We have lots of bacteria and dirt flourishing on our fingers, nails and hands and it is crucial to always do the aftercare with completely clean hands.

Wash the piercing itself with saline solution, mouthwash or the recommendations from me about the specific type of piercing you get. Do not wash it with alcohol! It is too harsh and damages the repairing tissue.