FAQ Tattoos

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Pain is very subjective and individual. Some kind of defined pain or discomfort will probably be present, but the degree of this will vary. Most people think it’s endurable. The sensation is affected by different factors such as your physical status – have you been sleeping well? Eating enough? No infections present? The placement on the body also affects the whole experience. Generally speaking, getting a tattoo on top of superficial bone or thinner skin hurts more. However, a big part of your perception is determined by your mindset. The best way of dealing with a tattoo session is to be relaxed above all.

How long does it take?

The time it takes for you to be under the needle is decided by us both together. This depends on the size of the tattoo, the placement, the amount of details and such. If you are experienced, maybe you want longer sessions each time. If you are new to tattoos and still want to have something bigger done, maybe we should rather book shorter and more sessions. Regardless, after many years of experience, I have a good tempo.

How much is a tattoo?

The price is estimated based on size, placement and the level of details. I would like to see references of pictures, meet you in person to discuss it further, get emails with pictures/details of modifications/sizes in centimetres or get a more informative phone call from you.

How can I prepare myself to get tattooed?

I would like you to come well rested, not fasting or hungry. Bring maximum ONE friend if necessary. A well charged phone is always a good way to disctract yourself and be entertained. Some snacks are always good to keep your blood sugar well balanced. Come in comfortable clothes, preferably those you are not too afraid to happen to stain in worst case scenario.

Can I use numbing gels or drugs?

Yes you may. But beware that the effect of these can be a bit limited. There is a few numbing gels to get at the pharmacy, but you have to apply them at least 1-2h in advance before your tattoo session in order to get an effect at all. I also want to inform you that there are a number of people and artists saying that it can effect the condition of the skin. However, I have never noticed any problems at all during all my years of tattooing. Although – the effect is relatively short lived. When the numbing wears off(after 45 min- 2h) the pain can be even worse than before using the gel, according to some of my clients.

You can also use an anti-inflammatory tablet such as Ibuprofen as a proactive pain relief. It has little, if not a placebo-effect. But do NOT use Aspirin or Alvedon since these are blood thinners and might make you bleed more.

Do you tattoo people under 18?

If you come by yourself, you need a valid ID that shows that you are 18 years old or older. However, if you are 16 or 17 years old, I can in some cases agree to do family related tattoos depending on sizes, placements and designs. This would need BOTH legal guardians present with their IDs.

Do you do drop ins?

Call me and see. If I have a gap in my schedule – then why not? But if you just show up, I cannot guarantee that I can help you right there and then. I am very flexible though, so I always try to help you as soon as possible and adjust my schedule if I can.

Can I remove a tattoo?

Yes. There is always laser removal. However, I would not recommend it as a plan B. The final result very rarely lives up to the expectations of “naked skin”. It is expensive, painful and time consuming.

You can contemplate having a cover up. This means a new design which covers the old tattoo. This normally takes a consultation in which I can evaluate your old tattoo and your requests for the new one. I will have to see if your wishes are realistic and if the final result can be satisfying. Most likely, the new design needs more shading and darkness.

For how long should I keep the plaster/protection on?

I normally recommend keeping it on the first night. This primarily to initially protect the fresh wound, protect your bedding and prevent the tattoo from scabbing and coagulating during the night. The aftercare is mostly about keeping the tattoo clean, moisturized and stop scabs from forming.

However – some placements of the tattoo will prevent the plaster from sitting well during the night. In these cases I will give you a few tips right after the session.

I want to have a text tattoo, how should I choose the style/font?

My recommendation is to listen to yourself and your gut feeling first and foremost. Write the text you have in mind and try out different fonts. I normally advice you to think that the more compact or detailed/swirling the font is, the more size it needs. This is to prevent it to blur and float all together in a few years. If you are uncertain, feel free to consult me.

I can recommend these sites for your text tattoo:



In the links above, you can dig into several styles and categories of fonts. You can see the style directly and download your favorite for free.

Can I train afterwards?

Yes you can. Although, try to avoid rubbing and bumping on the fresh tattoo for a few days. This could affect the final result and give irritation because of dirty surfaces and bacteria. But as long as you protect the tattoo, keep it moisturized and shower as usual afterwards, it shouldn’t be a problem given that you are in good health.

Is there a risk of getting an infection?

There will of course always be a risk when it comes to all form av invasive procedures where the skin is perforated. But to get an infection solely based on getting the tattoo in a clean and serious tattoo shop is very unlikely. However - there is always a risk the upcoming days right after if you won’t take care of the tattoo as recommended. For example, if you have a dirty environment at work, you can always change the plastic wrap/plaster 1-2 times during work days to keep it clean and protected. Just make sure you clean it in between and apply new ointment.

Some people are extra nervous about the summer months, especially considering the warm dog days and such. I think it depends more on what your plans are for the near future. If you are going to sunbathe and swim , maybe you should consider having the tattoo done closer to the autumn or after your vacation. But if you are not into the sun or swimmingpool/beach and can keep your hygienic routine, it shouldn’t really matter at all.

Can I have an allergic reaction?

When exposing your skin or stomach for any chemical substances, there is of course always an individual risk to get or develop some kind of allergies. But during all my years as a tattoo artist, I have only witnessed a handful of cases in which my customers have had an allergic reaction. If this has happened, it has mostly been related to the red ink.

All the ink I use is controlled by the local health authority and is well componed chemically in order to be biocompatible. If you are uncertain, have many allergies or just have a very sensitive skin – contact me. We might be able to do a “dot test” in which we try out your wanted colors on your skin in advance.

Do you touch up the tattoo for free?

Yes. If the color has faded or disappeared in the healing process after the first session, you should return as earliest after 2 months and latest right before a year after in order for me to fill it in for free.

Do you fill in or fix others’ work?

Yes. It is not a problem. There might be limitations on what can be done, but in the bigger picture: yes.

Do you do cosmetic tattoos?

No. Or at least I don’t do makeup related ones. However – I do quite a few reconstructions of your own skin nuance such as defect nipples, scars, pigment spots and sometimes I have even given my customers permanent freckles.

What style do you prefer to work with?

I really appreciate the variety. But I am extra keen on doing the unique, creative, cute, weird or dark and grotesque.