Piercing studio, piercer Malmö

A collage of different piercings made by me

At my studio you get your piercings performed in a clean environment. I only use disposable needles, sterile tools and quality jewelry in titanium. The age limit is 18 years with ID, but I do pierce younger people in the company of their legal guardians. This means that I need the ID and signature on spot from the parent or a juridically responsible person.

Don’t hesitate to ask me whichever questions you might have about your specific piercing. You can read about the standard aftercare routines or common questions I get on my site beforehand, but it also works perfectly fine to get more info directly from me at my shop. Whether you want a discreet navel piercing, helix piercing or a bolder tongue piercing, there is always a few tips to get from your piercer.

Some piercings are not suitable for all due to differences in anatomy and/or lifestyle. If you are uncertain, I can help with an assessment of the wanted placement and its pros and cons.

If you want to know more about how I started with piercings, go back to the first page.

Contact me today for your new piercing. Just make sure you are in good health, not fasting and if you really need company; bring maximum ONE friend.

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