Tattoos in Malmo

I've been working with tattoos and piercings since 2005 and gained a wide experience. It is of great importance to listen to you as a customer. I will try to transform your artistic vision into a functioning tattoo. You have an idea, I have the aesthetical and technical aspects to contribute with. From here, we work something out together.

I will always go through the aftercare with each of my customers and answer your questions, but if you want to be prepared for your session, feel free to have a sneak peak at aftercare.

Sometimes you have a clear, already done image to work with. Sometimes you need modifications. Sometimes you just have a vague idea which we have to execute from scratch. If necessary, I draw it up as a custom design perfectly fit for you.

Contact me for a consultation and we will see what will work best for your idea.

Let's create some amazing body art together!